Hackers Apologize to Arab Royal Families for Leaking Their Data

"Bluntly, UAE sends assassination teams to deal with people they don't like. [...] Even ransomware groups are subject to political pressure."


Exclusive: A Cyber Mercenary Is Hacking The Google And Telegram Accounts Of Presidential Candidates, Journalists And Doctors

A stakeout in digital investigations looks very different to the traditional images of sleuths camped out in blacked-out vans. Just ask Netherlands-based cybersecurity researcher Feike Hacquebord, who'd spent some months behind his computer screen tracking the activities of a hacker-for-hire crew called RocketHack when, in October 2020, he had a slice of luck.


SSU identifies FSB hackers responsible for over 5,000 cyber attacks against Ukraine (video)

The SSU Cyber Security Department identified hackers of the notorious ARMAGEDON group, which carried out over 5,000 cyber attacks against public authorities and critical infrastructure of Ukraine. They are officers of the 'Crimean' FSB and traitors who defected to the enemy during the occupation of the peninsula in 2014.


US arrests and charges Ukrainian man for Kaseya ransomware attack

The US Department of Justice has charged today a 22-year-old Ukrainian national for orchestrating the ransomware attacks on Kaseya servers that took place over the July 4 weekend this year. The suspect, named Yaroslav Vasinskyi, was detained last month following an arrest warrant issued by the US.

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Hackers are stealing 2FA codes with terrifyingly effective voice bots

Every time a massive data breach makes the news, we remind you about the best practices you need to employ to protect your online properties. You should never use weak passwords and recycle them. Instead, pick a password manager that lets you generate unique passwords for every different service, website, and app.


Nakasone: Cold War-style deterrence 'does not comport to cyberspace'

WASHINGTON: Gen. Paul Nakasone reiterated on Wednesday that traditional military deterrence "is a model that does not comport to cyberspace," despite oft-heard calls for cyber deterrence in the wake of the latest cybersecurity incident. Indeed, the idea that traditional deterrence does not work in cyberspace is not new.

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DOJ Expands False Claims Act Reach into Cybersecurity

There is a new weapon in the Department of Justice's (DOJ's) already powerful False Claims Act (FCA) arsenal. In October 2021, the DOJ announced a new Civil Cyber-Fraud Initiative, under which it will pursue FCA liability against government contractors in the cybersecurity space. According to the announcement from Deputy Attorney General Lisa O.


Hacker steals $55 million from bZx DeFi platform

Hacker spear-phished a bZx employee and stole two private keys for the DeFi platform. The private keys were used for bZx's integration with the Polygon and Binance Smart Chain blockchains. bZx on Twitter: "Our treasury is robust and our community will decide a compensation package."

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Ransomware: Suspected REvil ransomware affiliates arrested | ZDNet

Romanian authorities have arrested two individuals suspected of cyber-attacks using the Sodinokibi/REvil ransomware. They are allegedly responsible for 5,000 infections, accounting for €500,000 in ransom payments, according to European law enforcement agency Europol. REvil has been one of the most notorious ransomware groups of 2021, responsible for hundreds of high-profile attacks around the world.


Samsung Galaxy S21 Smartphone Hacked During $1 Million, 61 Zero-Days, Hacking Romp

Just weeks after hackers managed to breach iOS 15 security measures and hack an Apple iPhone 13 Pro, now it's the turn of Samsung's current flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S21, to feel the hacking heat. Unfortunately, like the iPhone 13 Pro before it, the Galaxy S21 has been hacked not once but twice.