Woman Allegedly Hacked Flight School, Cleared Planes With Maintenance Issues to Fly

Image: aviation-images.com/Universal Images Group via Getty Images Hacking. Disinformation. Surveillance. CYBER is Motherboard's podcast and reporting on the dark underbelly of the internet. "Between the time the data was altered and fixed, it was a situation that could have endangered human life," Fallon stated in a sworn affidavit.


Fraudsters Cloned Company Director's Voice In $35 Million Bank Heist, Police Find

In early 2020, a bank manager in the United Arab Emirates received a call from a man whose voice he recognized - a director at a company whom he'd spoken with before. The director had good news: his company was about to make an acquisition, so he needed the bank to authorize some transfers to the tune of $35 million.


A former top US election official urges sweeping security improvements, warning 'democracy is in trouble' - CyberScoop

The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency's former lead election security official is recommending comprehensive changes to protect the ballot in future elections, from physical safety upgrades for election workers and federal agency revamps to mandated disclosure of cyber incidents.


Student finds zero-days in Exterity devices while rick-rolling school district

An Illinois teenager has found a zero-day vulnerability in Exterity IPTV systems during a rick-roll prank he pulled off on his school district before graduation. On April 30, this year, Minh Duong and a group of close friends took over all networked TVs and other displays inside the six high-schools part of the Illinois Township High School District 214 to play Rick Astley's infamous "Never Gonna Give You Up" song disguised as an important announcement.

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Exclusive: Government Secretly Orders Google To Identify Anyone Who Has Searched A Name, Address And Telephone Number

In 2019, federal investigators in Wisconsin were hunting men they believed had participated in the trafficking and sexual abuse of a minor. She had gone missing that year but had emerged claiming to have been kidnapped and sexually assaulted, according to a search warrant reviewed by Forbes.


Cybersecurity Crossroads: The Intersection of Information, Technology, and People - Stay Safe Online

Join the National Cyber Security Alliance and Nasdaq for the 2021 Cybersecurity Summit, "Cybersecurity Crossroads: The Intersection of Information, Technology, and People." The challenges faced by the cybersecurity community today are hitting mainstream headlines. However, new approaches to information sharing, securing technologies, and human-centric cyber training can empower organizations and professionals to enable a safer, more secure world.

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iOS 15.0.2: Update Now Warning Issued To All iPhone Users

Apple has released iOS 15.0.2, and it comes with a warning for all iPhone users to update now. That's because iOS 15.0.2 fixes a security vulnerability that attackers may already be using to attack iPhones. According to Apple's page, iOS 15.0.2 fixes an issue with the IOMobileFrameBuffer that could allow an application to execute code with kernel privileges.


Practical tips on how to use application security testing and testing standards - Microsoft Security Blog

Daniel: Let's say I have a traditional legacy banking application. Users can sign in using their web browser to gain access to financial details or funds, move money around, and receive money.

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Claremont Institute Statement on Senior Fellow John Eastman

Against censorship and misrepresentation The Claremont Institute does not normally comment on the work of its scholars. But a recent combined disinformation, de-platforming, and ostracism campaign requires us to make an exception.

The American Mind

Google gives away 10,000 free security keys to high-risk users

10,000 high-risk users are being provided with free hardware security keys by Google, with the aim of better protecting their accounts from hackers. Google says it is sending out the free Titan two-factor authentication (2FA) security keys - that provide a phishing-resistant layer of protection - to groups such as politicians, journalists, and human rights activists, who are considered to be particularly at risk from state-sponsored attackers.

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Ransomware hackers find vulnerable target in US grain supply

At least three US grain distributors have been infected with ransomware in recent weeks, raising concerns that hackers have found an easy target in a vital part of the US food supply chain. All three known victims are midwestern grain cooperatives that buy grain from farmers, and then process, store, and resell it for uses like livestock feed and fuel.

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Google pulls 'stalkerware' ads that promoted phone spying apps

Google has pulled several "stalkerware" ads that violated its policies by promoting apps that encouraged prospective users to spy on their spouses' phone. These consumer-grade spyware apps are often marketed to parents wishing to monitor their child's calls, messages, apps, photos and location, often under the guise of protecting against predators.