WSJ News Exclusive | Airbnb Executive Resigned Last Year Over Chinese Request for More Data Sharing

When it filed to go public this week, Airbnb Inc. said that its ability to continue doing business in China is a risk factor for its brand and profitability. Operating in the country has sparked debate among the home-sharing startup's senior leadership for some time, leading a top executive to depart abruptly last year, according to people familiar with the company.


Secret Amazon Reports Expose Company Spying on Labor, Environmental Groups

Illustration: Hunter French Dozens of leaked documents from Amazon's Global Security Operations Center reveal the company's reliance on Pinkerton operatives to spy on warehouse workers and the extensive monitoring of labor unions, environmental activists, and other social movements A trove of more than two dozen internal Amazon reports reveal in stark detail the company's obsessive monitoring of organized labor and social and environmental movements in Europe, particularly during Amazon's 'peak season' between Black Friday and Christmas.


How to Survive Your First Few Years in Infosec: Career Advice for Junior Cybersecurity Practitioners (and the Managers Who Lead Them) - SANS Institute

Moderator: Lesley CarhartPanelist(s): Andy Ellis, David J. Bianco, Katie Nickels, Sara PickeringMany of us look up to Lesley Carhart @hacksforpancakes as a brilliant cybersecurity practitioner but she's also a coach and mentor whom people often turn to for advice.Recently, she was approached by someone relatively new to infosec who is having recurring, serious panic attacks in his new role when he makes small and very normal errors in his security role.


The malware that usually installs ransomware and you need to remove right away | ZDNet

Gone are the days when ransomware groups operated by launching mass email spam campaigns in the hopes of infecting random users across the internet. Today, ransomware operators have evolved from a niche of clumsy malware gangs into a series of complex cybercrime cartels with the skills, tools, and budgets of government-sponsored hacking groups.


Energy official Sean Plankey eyed for senior CISA position after White House throws agency into turmoil

Following President Trump's removal of the director of the Department of Homeland Security's cyber division, the man whom the White House tapped for a senior position there in October is preparing to join the agency amid questions about his security clearance.


Mega Mumbai power outage may be result of cyber attack, final report awaited

A woman cooks in candle light after a grid failure resulted a massive power outage in Mumbai on October 13. The Maharashtra cyber department suspects that a malware attack could be responsible for Mumbai's power outage last month. The Maharashtra cyber department has been roped in by the state government to conduct a probe in the matter.

India Today

CIOs say security must adapt to permanent work-from-home

The entire US economy and government were forced to shut down in-person facilities and operations almost overnight in March as COVID quarantines began. The new conditions forced organizations to quickly find ways to secure tens of millions of new, vulnerable endpoints created by at-home workers.

CSO Online

Hacker posts exploits for over 49,000 vulnerable Fortinet VPNs

A hacker has posted a list of one-line exploits to steal VPN credentials from almost 50,000 Fortinet VPN devices. Present on the list of vulnerable targets are domains belonging to high street banks and government organizations from around the world.


Interpol arrests three suspected members of Nigerian email scam group TMT and says the group's malware has infected 50K+ organizations in 150 countries

Catalin Cimpanu / ZDNet: Interpol arrests three suspected members of Nigerian email scam group TMT and says the group's malware has infected 50K+ organizations in 150 countries


Ransomware | CISA

Ransomware is a type of malicious software, or malware, designed to deny access to a computer system or data until a ransom is paid. Ransomware typically spreads through phishing emails or by a victim unknowingly visiting an infected website.


Law Firms Should Tap Into External Cybersecurity Expertise By Chuck Brooks | HPC - HIGH PERFORMANCE COUNSEL #HIPCOUNSEL

Because of the growing threats and emerging technology challenges that increase risk to revenues and reputation, law firms should explore bringing in outside expertise from subject matter experts (SMEs) who understand the latest developments in technologies and compliance/governance directives in the cyber ecosystem.


The Pentester BluePrint: Starting a Career as an Ethical Hacker

JUMPSTART YOUR NEW AND EXCITING CAREER AS A PENETRATION TESTER The Pentester BluePrint: Your Guide to Being a Pentester offers readers a chance to delve deeply into the world of the ethical, or "white-hat" hacker. Accomplished pentester and author Phillip L.