T-Mobile Investigating Claims of Massive Customer Data Breach

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Editorial: Tubthumping (Q3 2021 Issue)

'It's not if, but when' is a term we throw around a lot in this industry. It refers, of course, to organizations suffering a cyber-attack, breach or being targeted by cyber-criminals. I've always found it to be a bit of a clichรฉ; my eye rolls due to the term's overuse rather than any objection to its truth.

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CobaltSpam tool can flood Cobalt Strike malware servers

A security researcher has published this week a tool to flood Cobalt Strike servers-often used by malware gangs-with fake beacons in order to corrupt their internal databases of infected systems. Named CobaltSpam, the tool was developed by security researcher Mario Henkel.

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Accenture says Lockbit ransomware attack caused 'no impact' on operations or clients | ZDNet

Billion-dollar tech services firm Accenture is downplaying an alleged ransomware attack that was announced by the Lockbit ransomware group on Tuesday night. Accenture was listed on the group's leak site next to a timer set to go off on Wednesday. The ransomware group added a note that said, "These people are beyond privacy and security.


This Russian Cyber Mogul Planned To Take His Company Public. Then America Accused It Of Hacking For Putin's Spies.

T he city was under siege. Hackers had knocked out its electricity and oil production, caused an explosion at a gas station and dropped a shipping container on a barge at the port. The carnage was contained, though, occuring in a model city, an ersatz modern metropolis in miniature.


T-Mobile Investigates Possible Data Breach

T-Mobile has launched an investigation into a claim that the personal data of more than 100 million of its customers had been compromised. The claim was first discovered and reported by Vice News. Researchers came across a hacker on an online forum asking for Bitcoin in exchange for Social Security numbers.

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Securing Nonprofits to Help Everyone - Sightline Security

As security threats like ransomware and fraud endanger all industries, it's more important than ever for us to step up and help the helpers. You don't have to be the beneficiary of a nonprofit, or work for one.

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The cybersecurity skills gap persists for the fifth year running

Most organizations are still lacking talent, according to a new report, but experts think expanding the definition of a cybersecurity professional can help. Breaches in recent years-ranging from the Pegasus malware hack to the WannaCry and NotPeyta outbreaks-highlight how critical a robust cybersecurity strategy is for all organizations, large and small.


Indra - Hackers Behind Recent Attacks on Iran - Check Point Research

These days, when we think of nation-state level damage, we immediately think of the nation-state level actor that must be responsible for it. While most attacks against a nation's sensitive networks are indeed the work of other governments, the truth is that there is no magic shield that prevents a non-state sponsored entity from creating the same kind of havoc, and harming critical infrastructure in order to make a statement.

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Desperate CISA Reaches Out to Big-Tech for Cybersecurity Help

The past 6-plus months of the Biden administration has seen America endure repeated cyberattacks against every segment of the US economy and critical infrastructure. With the perception of American vulnerability that exists under our failing new leadership, the flurry of cyberattacks we are seeing is a major problem that is showing no signs of slowing down.