Lawmakers Demand Answers from Military on Muslim App Data

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Norway's 11179 billion NOK wealth fund affected by the SolarWinds hack

This was a serious matter for us, says Carine Smith Ihenacho, Chief Governance and Compliance Officer of Norges Bank Investment Management (NBIM), who manages the oil fund, in an interview with The Norwegian Business Daily, DN. The 11179 billion NOK fund downloaded a compromised version of the company's Orion platform and installed it in July 2020, according to Ihenacho.

SCYTHE hiring Senior Sales Engineer in United States | LinkedIn

Come join our UnicornšŸ¦„ herd! SCYTHE is a rapidly growing security start-up based in Arlington, VA that is disrupting the traditional approach to information security by taking vulnerability assessments to the next level. The SCYTHE platform provides "an enterprise grade Command and Control (C2) framework with the ability to quickly build, automate, and deploy adversary emulation capabilities".


French IT monitoring company's software targeted by hackers: cyber agency

(Reuters) - Hackers have spent up to three years breaking into organizations by targeting monitoring software made by the French company Centreon, France's cybersecurity watchdog said on Monday. The watchdog, known by its French acronym ANSSI, stopped short of identifying the hackers but said they had a similar modus operandi as the Russian cyberespionage group often nicknamed "Sandworm."


Hacker Leaks Files from Jones Day Law Firm, Which Represented Trump in Election Challenges

Image: Michael M. Santiago/Getty Images Jones Day did not immediately respond to a request for comment, but confirmed the hack in a statement to The Wall Street Journal, in which the law firm blamed the data breach on Accellion, a company that provides a file sharing system and that was recently hacked.


Egregor ransomware operators arrested in Ukraine | ZDNet

Members of the Egregor ransomware cartel have been arrested this week in Ukraine, French radio station France Inter reported on Friday, citing law enforcement sources. The arrests, which have not been formally announced, are the result of a joint investigation between French and Ukrainian police.


The Untold History of America's Zero-Day Market

This story is adapted from This Is How They Tell Me the World Ends , by Nicole Perlroth. Getting to the bottom of the zero-day market was a fool's errand, they told me. When it came to zero-days, secret vulnerabilities in code, governments weren't regulators; they were clients.


Security Stories Podcast

Discover the unique, strange, and often hilarious stories behind what it takes to lead cybersecurity efforts in an organization. Security Stories is an interview-based podcast full of insights from those who are carving a path in this weird and wonderful industry.


Casio Used a Copyright Claim to Wipe This Hacker's Calculator Mod Off the Internet

Electronics manufacturer Casio hit a hacker-hobbyist who converted an old scientific calculator to a Wifi-enabled smart device with a DMCA takedown notice, claiming that he copied the company's code to do so.


Milan's 'acrobat thieves' use Instagram tags 'to rob rich and famous'

They stole nine bags, two belts, five scarves, two earrings, two brooches, a necklace, a bracelet, a wallet, a suitcase and ā‚¬1,000 in cash, Italian media report. In total this was worth tens of thousands of euros.

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After hackers blackmailed their clients, Finnish therapy firm...

Highly sensitive notes from therapy sessions were published online in an attempt to blackmail patients Hackers bragged about the poor state of firm's security Vastaamo, the Finnish psychotherapy practice that covered up a horrific security breach which resulted in patients receiving blackmail threats, has declared itself bankrupt.


CISA, FBI, and Treasury Expose Latest Tool in North Korea's Cryptocurrency Theft Scheme - AppleJeus

WASHINGTON - The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), and the Department of the Treasury (Treasury) issued a joint cybersecurity advisory about North Korean government malicious activity the U.S. government refers to as "AppleJeus."