Homeland Security details new tools for extracting device data at US borders

Travelers heading to the US have many reasons to be cautious about their devices when it comes to privacy. A report released Thursday from the Department of Homeland Security provides even more cause for concern about how much data border patrol agents can pull from your phones and computers.


Cybersecurity Report: Adjusting to COVID-19

Learn how cybersecurity professionals have been adapting their policies and practices. As organizations faced unprecedented change, security executives had to quickly adapt to ensure business continuity, and we've asked these pioneers to share their experiences in securing the new remote workforce.


How Malicious Tor Relays are Exploiting Users in 2020 (Part I)

These and some additional indicators, which I'm not publishing to avoid burning them, suggest that the attacker is not gone, but since exploitation of known victims became harder, the attacker might has chosen new victims or other types of attacks. This is an ongoing analysis and details might get published in a follow-up blog post.


Microsoft patches 120 security bugs in August 2020 Patch Tuesday update

Microsoft's August 2020 Patch Tuesday update addresses a total of 120 security vulnerabilities across a suite of its products and platforms. Of the security holes plugged this month, two are newly discovered flaws threat actors are currently exploiting in the wild.


Infographic: Where are we with Common Sense and Machine Reasoning? | Cognilytica

Achieving Common Sense with AI is hard however people have been trying to do this for many years. Cyc, the longest running AI project has been addressing common sense for 36 years.


SANS infosec training org suffers data breach after phishing attack

The SANS cybersecurity training organization has suffered a data breach after one of their employees fell victim to a phishing attack. The SANS Institute is one of the largest organizations that offer information security training and security certification to users worldwide.


Equal access to tech can reduce poverty and increase diversity

After decades of little to no progress addressing institutional racism, Americans are starting to have serious conversations about privilege, income inequality and educational disparities based on race that keep people of color from opportunities they need to help them break the chains of poverty.


NSA, FBI publicize hacking tool linked to Russian military intelligence - CyberScoop

Written by Shannon Vavra Aug 13, 2020 | CYBERSCOOP The National Security Agency and the FBI are jointly exposing malware that they say Russian military hackers use in cyber-espionage operations. Hackers working for Russia's General Staff Main Intelligence Directorate's 85th Main Special Service Center, military unit 26165, use the malware, which the Russians themselves call "Drovorub," to target Linux systems, the NSA and FBI said Thursday in a detailed report.


North Korean hackers are targeting Israel's defense sector, Israel Ministry of Defense claims - CyberScoop

Written by Shannon Vavra Aug 12, 2020 | CYBERSCOOP North Korean government-linked hackers have been targeting the Israeli defense sector with fake job offers, Israel's Ministry of Defense said Wednesday. The actors, which Israel says were part of Lazarus Group, a hacking outfit the U.S.


3 strategies for addressing sensitive legal cybersecurity issues - CyberScoop

Three years after enacting one of the most exacting cybersecurity regulations in the United States, the New York State Department of Financial Services (NYDFS) recently filed its first cybersecurity enforcement action. This enforcement action shows the importance of mitigating legal risks when addressing cybersecurity risks.