NSA, Partners Release Cybersecurity Advisory on Brute Force Global Cyber Campaign

The National Security Agency (NSA), Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the UK's National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) released a Cybersecurity Advisory today exposing malicious cyber, The NSA/CSS Public and Media Affairs Office fosters relationships with media outlets throughout the world, responding to requests for information about NSA/CSS and its missions, interviews with leadership or experts, and filming opportunities.

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Ransomware attack on software manager hits 200 companies

A successful ransomware attack on a single company has spread to at least 200 organizations, according to cybersecurity firm Huntress Labs, making it one of the single largest criminal ransomware sprees in history.

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Kaspersky Password Manager: All your passwords are belong to us

tl;dr: The password generator included in Kaspersky Password Manager had several problems. The most critical one is that it used a PRNG not suited for cryptographic purposes. Its single source of entropy was the current time. All the passwords it created could be bruteforced in seconds.


Microsoft releases out-of-band fix for PrintNightmare vulnerability - The Record by Recorded Future

Microsoft has released an emergency out-of-band security update today to patch a critical vulnerability-more commonly known as PrintNightmare - that impacts the Windows Print Spooler service and which can allow remote threat actors to take over vulnerable systems. The vulnerability has been at the center of discussions in the cybersecurity community for the past week after security researchers discovered that Microsoft merged two bugs into one security indicator (CVE-2021-1675) and the official patch, released in June, only addressed the less critical of the two issues.

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Important Notice July 2nd, 2021

We are experiencing a potential attack against the VSA that has been limited to a smallnumber of on-premise customers only as of 2:00 PM EDT today. We are in the process of investigating the root cause of the incident with an abundanceof cautionbut we recommend that you IMMEDIATELY shutdown your VSA server untilyou receive further notice from us .


REvil ransomware executes supply chain attack via malicious Kaseya update - The Record by Recorded Future

The REvil ransomware gang appears to have gained access to the infrastructure of Kaseya, a provider of remote management solutions, and is using a malicious update for the VSA software to deploy ransomware to companies across the world.

The Record by Recorded Future

Ransomware group demands $70 million for Kaseya attack

The ransomware group REvil has demanded a $70 million payment in Bitcoin for a decryptor tool following its attack on the software vendor Kaseya, cyber researchers say.


Hacking Wall Street

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WSJ News Exclusive | Software Firm at Center of Ransomware Attack Was Warned of Cyber Flaw in April

WASHINGTON-The software company linked to a massive ransomware spree that began last week and has impacted hundreds of organizations across the globe was notified in early April of a cybersecurity vulnerability used in the attack, according to the Dutch security researcher group that discovered the issue.


A New Kind of Ransomware Tsunami Hits Hundreds of Companies

It was probably inevitable that the two dominant cybersecurity threats of the day- supply chain attacks and ransomware-would combine to wreak havoc. That's precisely what happened Friday afternoon, as the notorious REvil criminal group successfully encrypted the files of hundreds of businesses in one swoop, apparently thanks to compromised IT management software.